VARYSBURG 1 - Pumper / Tanker

1996 Freightliner 1500 gpm pump, 1250 gal water tank, on board "A" & "B" Foam system. This is the first truck out for structure fire, vehicle fires, MVA's, ect.  

VARYSBURG 2 - Pumper / Tanker

1988 GMC 1250 gpm pump, 1250 gal water tank. This truck is normally the second truck out for most fires. Is primarily used as a supply pumper and standby truck. It is used for an attack truck for grass and brush fires along with off road fires.

VARYSBURG 3 - Pumper / Tanker

2005 1500 gpm pump, 1800 gal water tank. Is used primarily as a tanker, but can also serve to be an attack or supply pumper

VARYSBURG 8 - Ambulance

Responds to any patients requiring medical aid and transport to hospitals.