The Varysburg Fire Department was Organized in 1920 and Incorportated in April 1921. We are an all Volunteer Group of dedicated persons who respond to numerous emergencies either natural or manmade. The Pic above was from 1930 and believed to be the first motorized truck purchased in 1922. Sitting on it was Fire Chief Louis Cornish who served as Chief several times in the Department. The building in the backgroud was built by the Fire Department in the summer of 1930, to use as thier hall and a community center. They later lost it back to the bank being unable to pay thier mortagage. The building was then the Grange building and today it is used as a second hand store next to the post office. The Upstairs still has the stage built into it.

We are curently working on completeing the story of our department and will have more info added on here shortly.