Varysburg Volunteer Fire Department
2446 Route 20A Varysburg, NY 14167    (585) 535-7984

Wyoming County Fire Dispatch operates under The High Band Frequency (VHF)of 155.670. The only tones we hear are the department pagers for the county. All the sirens are now activated under the Zetron Model 25 System and we no longer hear them when being dispatched. The tones listed below are the current pager tones and the old siren tones. The old siren tones and pagers were on the low band frequency of 46.18, but over the years the County has been updating the system. The county now dispatches off of 8 towers thoughout Wyoming County.

Just click the department you would like to hear to play the tone.

Arcade              Fire 1      Fire 2         Rescue      Pager

Attica                 Fire        Rescue      Pager

Bennington       Fire        Rescue      Pager

Bliss                   Fire        Rescue      Pager

Castile                Fire        Rescue      Pager

Cowlesville       Fire        Rescue      Pager

Gainesville        Fire        Rescue      Pager

Genesee Falls   Fire        Pager

Harris Corners   Fire        Pager

North Java          Fire       Pager

Perry                   Fire        Pager

Perry Center      Fire        Pager

Perry Ambulance             Pager 1     Pager 2

Pike                     Fire        Rescue     Pager

Sheldon              Fire        Pager

Silver Springs    Fire        Rescue      Pager

Strykersville      Fire         Rescue      Pager

Varysburg          Fire 1      Fire 2         Rescue 1     Rescue 2     Pager

Warsaw               Fire        Rescue       Pager

Wyoming            Fire         Pager

Coordinator        Pager

Group Sirens      All Call